Abhi N. Subedi is Professor, Writer, Folklore Research Scholar, Columnist, Playwright, and Theatre Director. He is a Scholar and expert in folklore documentation. This genius of a writer has been has been closely associated with FOSWAL for more than a decade and has held important positions in different organizations. Prof. Subedi is recipient of many honours and literary awards.He has published many research publications, in Nepali and English. Currently he is working on a research project for FOSWAL. He is an honoured Member of the Think Tank of FOSWAL.



The moon beams struck hard
the bamboo hedge
that night
when my mother took food
tucked under apron
that smelt of
the morning I was born,
for the man
fighting for democracy
wanted by police for
a long jail sentence
in a moonless chamber.
Years after
he chose to die
under the moon
than starve
without it.
The moon struck hard
he rock and dale
that night
when his own mother
shook the earth
where her only child
wrote the tumults of history
in a corner without tears.
Years after
the moon descended
in the leaf plate
left in the bamboo hedge
where my mother had taken to him food
that night.
Years after
I saw the leaf plate
nestled in the hedge of words
spoken by my mother
and his octogenarian mother together
on the face of the moon –
making history.