Bhisham Upreti : Well-known Nepali Poet; has published some collections of poetry; his poetic skills are widely appreciated.

Deep Down

I am burning
not in the furnace
but in the heart of my own.

As stray bullets
began to sting the heads
of the dream-weaving maidens deep in slumber, as ugly terror
began to chase away the boy going to school
and as exploding deaths
began to murder hopes,
I started burning in the black terror
expanding in all directions like the enveloping fog.

Without dream and without ecstasy the hills where I grew up
are now bone-dry and ready to crack.
The premonition of a dark future
is burning me deep, deep down.

I wish to be free
from all kinds of burning
that kills the rhythm of life.
Rhythm must not be still, at any cost
beauty is the soul of life
and life must not drink its own fragrance.

I’m thinking about these things
with a soul ready to burn me raw,
deep, deep down.

– Translated from Nepali by Manu Manjil