Bhupen Vyakul is a poet and cultural activist, with two collections of poems to his credit, and a collection of poems that he co-authored with some other leading poets. His poems are widely published and known for witty turn of the phrase. Bhupen is one of the founders of the ‘Save Poetry’ Movement in Nepal.


The Ugly Verse

How long should poetry
stay beautiful alone.

how long must it be
beauty’s only urn.

I so wish today that
I made it ugly too.

in the ugliest of states
poetry remains the loveliest
of all.

in the filthiest
of the violent seas
poetry bathes & comes out the cleanest.
I really so wish today
that I rendered it ugly too.

come on, dear poets
let’s free poetry
from this tyranny of beauty.
let’s free it, let’s free it
from beauty’s infinite bondage.
let’s see
how dark the world will look
after its light is put out.
let’s see how empty will the human world’s
emptiness be.

in what way is a nude temple different
from a nude brothel?
how does a parliament smell differently
from the way a crematorium does?
what difference really is there
in the cold-blood of a court
of law and that of a butcher’s?
just outside their walls stands
in the pristine garb of honesty.

today I so strongly long to
turn it into a thing ugly.

come, my dear poets