Jyoti Jungle is a poet, lyricist and short story writer. She has a collection of fine verses and a laudable collection of Ghazals published recently. Jyoti is one of the rising poets of her generation.


To a Traveler

Ever industrious, you!
I can see you taking an
unknown road, each new step
growing more

But I also see your
fading smiles,
and beauty lost among the folds
of your own face.

In what haste
did you drop your youthful hue?
did you play a moment in your prime?
where is the dream that
bedecked your eyes once?
and the tastes you long cherished?

I wonder if you had time
to stand & stare at stars.
I wonder if you had leisure
to rest awhile & breathe easy.

What a mobile tool did you
make of your own life?
are you fixing a price to sell it?

Some day
some others might run away,
your torch held
in their hands.

Time will bring such a
shockwave that all your rhythms
might snap.
you’ll have leisure only
to look back at the long road
and surely
an old age there,
for you to brood over