Manu Manjil is a young, prolific poet, lyricist, editor and translator. Manu has collections of widely acclaimed poems to his credit. Noted for poetically charged lines, metaphor and style. Manu is the Founder Member and Chairman of Literary Communication Academy, and the Founder President of Writers’ Circle. Manu has participated in several international literary events,including SAARC Festivals of Poetry, and SAARC Festivals of Literature of FOSWAL. He has also translated a number of poems of many leading Nepali poets.


To My Ancestors

I shelter from the rain
under the roof they laid.
I stand safe from
the storms
inside the walls they erected.
I own a beautiful house
I admit I did not build
and the prosperity the heaven would
pine for
and that, too, I never earned.

I sit by the ancestral window
and watch the rainbow.
I sit on the ancestral verandah
observing the Clouds Fair.
I wake up along with the dawn
and look at the hills crowned with snow.
in the evening I, too, attend
the assembly of the stars.
at night descend princess dreams
warming up my bedroom.
and I cherish
their company as if they are all mine.

The wind knows my address,
the wild birds do know.
the sunlight knows of my yards
painted all with love primeval.
the aged postman knew my address
long before I did.
my identity,
and place inherited
are known to so many foreign to me.

Also, I own a lovely yard
of flowers I did not plant.
also, I have a kitchen garden