Sabita Gautam is a talented young poet. An emerging voice in modern, sensitive poetry many of her poems have been published in leading literary magazines. Sabita Gautam’s name is generating a lot of interest in Nepal and neighbouring SAARC countries through translations done by FOSWAL.



River bank
created by the summit
like a poem
as if carved out by
bounteous impulses of art—
an impression of
some rosy cuddles,
on mind’s canvas
when it was smeared
the western style of the banks
was no silent,
the sweet flow of heart
was no less alluring
than dreamscape,
yes, an experience
that existed nowhere yesterday.

Ripples and flows of words—
trees outlined against the sky
were gazing with unblinking eyes
from the humps
that moment when
sun playing hide and seek
in the dreamy eyes of the sky
had crossed over to the other side.
A welcome moment, an occasion of honour
has come and gone.

When I met the light this time,
I listened to Bimba’s words seriously,
understood the poet’s home,
friends and wounds,
I woke up again and again
became emotional
under the pagoda-styled roofs
of feelings.
Yes, cried in the pain of Purnima
and looked at myself
in the luminosity of her perfection.

A generous wall of mind’s building
carrying an artistic time